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Why did I create "Coaching In Stilettos"?

My name is Nikki and I am a licensed Toronto Real Estate Broker, Career and Brand Blogger.

Three years ago, I created my blog, “Real Estate in Stilettos” as a place where career women can get inspired, creative and motivated with their lives and enjoy all that life has to offer. The blog consists of articles on branding yourself as a business woman as well as a wide variety of building your business and keeping on track with your goals.  

I decided to create "Coaching in Stilettos" as a spin off from what "Real Estate In Stilettos" evolved into, but with a step further by actually walking women thorough the process of building their businesses. I've always been willing and able to assist new realtors with their careers. This most likely derived from my own real estate mentor, Broker Merle Donawa. Whom, to be honest, was more of a second mother to me, than an actual real estate mentor. I was consistently by her side as she trained new recruits into the real estate industry, some of which have become some of the city's top realtors.

"Coaching in Stilettos" is meant to work with women who are either new entrepreneurs or new in business. My experience in branding and running two successful businesses over ten plus years has enabled me to assist new business owners and entrepreneurs in their own success. 

I hope to see more women take control of their lives and their careers, knowing that the knowledge and support they bring into this world will continue to inspire the younger female generation.  

It’s my absolute honour to be able to work with women across the globe in achieving all of their goals, both in their personal as well as their professional lives. With Love, N xo

Please visit my career and branding blog: Real Estate In Stilettos

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