Are You A New Realtor?

Have you recently passed your final real estate exam and not sure what the next steps are? As a newly licensed Realtor in the business, you are faced with many questions and challenges in starting your new career.

How do I get clients? How do I manage my leads? Who builds my website? How do I manage listings? What do I do at an open house? What goes on my business cards? Should I have an office at my brokerage or work from home? 

The questions are endless and it can all be overwhelming, frustrating and make you doubt your new career opportunities.

This is where I come in - your personal Real Estate Coach during your first year of real estate. I can either work with you one-on-one or you can enroll in my 30 day course which covers all of the basics of starting your real estate career.  Either way, the relationship we form will be direct interaction and you will be able to ask me any questions regarding your career in real estate.

A #GirlBoss' Guide to Marketing & Branding Your Real Estate Business in 30 Days

Available: March 1st 2019

“With the help of a Real Estate & Business Coach, you will be able to establish your career as a Realtor quickly and effectively, ensuring that all elements of your new career are branded to suit your lifestyle.”

The 30-days training session offered to new Realtors incorporates different tasks to prepare you to be an independent Realtor. As these tasks are completed solely, you have the freedom to communicate with your Mentor for an in depth learning experience. Each of these tasks will be a vital component to your real estate career.

Module 1: Embracing Your New Career As A Realtor (Professional Business Plans, Client Database, Your Personal Brand, Etc.)

Module 2: Lead Generation, Strategies & Marketing (Marketing Techniques, Open Houses)

Module 3: Social Media & Real Estate (Marketing & Branding Through Different Social Media Platforms)

Module 4: Retention & Tracking (Managing Your Client Database)

The course is designed to be interactive with your Real Estate Mentor. It’s not the typical online course where you receive an automatic email to watch a webinar. The course is built to actually get you to build your real estate business.

How it works: You will receive daily emails and documents to assist you in building your real estate business. These daily emails will be equipped with different tasks which will allow you to build a real estate brand from the bottom up. Some of the topics we will cover will be building a business plan, generating a client database (which is literally your bread & butter of your business!), creating marketing plans, and templates to assist you in creating marketing material to generate leads. The course itself is packed with tons of information and direction so you don’t waste time when you receive your license. You can literally be prepped with everything you need to start selling real estate in as little as 30 days!

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Not sure if the course or coaching is right for you? Get in touch with me for a complimentary conversation about where you hope to see your career in the coming years.

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