How can Coaching In Stilettos take your career to the next level?

With my real estate experience of over 17 years, I have been involved in all aspects of the real estate career: administration, recruiting, selling, listing, training and coaching. The training and coaching aspect of my career has been huge part of my business. I love to meet new Realtors aspiring to take their careers to soaring heights. My experience has enabled me to work with new Realtors and help them understand the way the industry works and how to make the best out of their time for maximum results.

"Whether it's mentoring a new Realtor or giving advice to new business owners, being able to assist people with their careers has been something I have been passionate about for many years."

My experience has allowed me to focus on what I really enjoy - and that is teaching and mentoring new Realtors into a career that does not have as much support as you would hope to have! When I started in this industry, I was fortunate to have a mentor who walked me through the entire process of my first year in real estate.

Many Realtors make the assumption that by joining a brokerage, they will have all of their questions answered. The reality is, your broker is there to guide you through the technical and legal aspects of your day to day activity. The questions you have relating to what to do at open houses, how to manage your client database and even how to create a client database will be your own responsibility. A good sense of running a business is truly important since being a Realtor means operating and running your own small business.

All of my coaching sessions include a one hour Skype audio or video call. The exact number of sessions you’ll actually use will be dependent on you and your situation (I don’t place a limit on it  as you are investing in your results; not my time!) but from experience an ideal follow up would be every week to see what your progress has entailed.

During the one on one coaching sessions, unlimited personal email support is included.

How can you help me Brand my business?

As a brand specialist, I am able to walk your through the branding process for your real estate career. Many Realtors use their brokerage’s branding as their branding. By branding yourself as a business, you are building your name in real estate for years to come. From website designs to marketing material to your own personal brand, you will have the freedom to focus on building your client database and client retention after all of these elements are set.

What programs do you offer to help me build my business?

Currently, I have a 30-day program for new Realtors to understand the fundamentals of branding a real estate business with the start of a Real Estate Business Plan.

This 30-day program will give you the ability to start your career off on the right track, earn a higher income in your first year and, more importantly, build and brand a successful business right from the very start.

Do you only work with Realtors?

Though my business strategies and experience in the industry focus on mentoring and coaching newly licensed Realtors, my main focus is business growth and effectively branding your business for ultimate success through the use of social media and time management.

I love working with women from different industries as branding itself is a fundamental part of business growth.

How will I be able to afford a Real Estate Coach in my first year of real estate?

I know how difficult it can be to send money when you are not yet making money in a new industry you just engaged in. My costs are quite low compared to that of the billboard real estate coaches you will see at your brokerages. I offer my coaching at this low costs to ensure that you are not spending money you haven’t yet earned. By being smart about your money from the beginning of your real estate career, you are keeping more money in your pocket and less in your brokerage’s accounts.

What are the costs for individual coaching?

At the moment, I offer one hour one-on-one coaching sessions at a rate of $100/hour. Alternatively, there is a monthly coaching package I offer for $500 which includes a more guided coaching focus on your real estate career or small business.

I just started my business, how do I keep track of everything without hiring staff? How do I use social media to grow my business? How do I stay organized? How do I create a business plan and monitor it as my business grows?

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Sometimes staying focused is difficult as you are responsible for everything. I can help you with setting up your social media platforms and assist with your marketing strategy calendar. We can work together to build a plan of action that works with your busy lifestyle. Tired of outsourcing and spending way too much money on third party marketing firms? I can teach you how to create your own marketing material for maximum results.

Your Real Estate Coach: Nikki Singh, A Licensed Real Estate Broker

Regardless of what your requirements are for a coach, whether it be for your real estate business or for your own small business, having a coach to guide you through the daily functions of starting a business can be a fundamental part of your success.

Get in touch with me for a complimentary 30 minute conversation on what goals I can help you achieve for your business.

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